We are TIX, an online marketplace bridging buyers and sellers of components used in the trades. We are the place to sell your unused surplus and the place to find new unused items at a reduced price. We are a team of tradespeople who are also experts in the online auction arena. We had an idea and we made it a business.

Our friends at Trusted Marketing Services were up for the task of building us a name, a logo, and a website that works for our business, and we are thrilled with the outcome. We had lots of ideas for names floating around but needed their expertise to help create TIX. In addition, their team created a website that meets our specific needs and goals, works for our buyers, and works for our sellers.

What is TIX?:

TIX is a marketplace for the trades that bridges buyers and sellers of components used in the trades. We help you recoup lost cost, lost space, and lost time by providing an online auction so you can sell that excess inventory taking up space in your warehouse.

How does TIX work?:

We provide an online auction platform for new unused inventory items to be posted and for buyers to find the components they’re looking for. You set a reserve price so your item doesn’t sell for less than that amount, and then the buyer can bid on the item up to the amount they want to spend. It really is a win-win solution for everyone! Read more about how the site works here.

What Can I Buy and Sell on TIX?

TIX has categorized the items we receive into the following categories:

If you’re the purchaser for an organization, a project manager running many projects, or a homeowner simply trying to find parts for your home renovation, try TIX. We have new unused parts and our buying process is very easy. Visit our auction platform, find what you’re looking for, and bid. Never spending more than you want to. If you’re the owner of a trades business and your warehouse has new and unused inventory sitting there, then TIX is the solution for you. Turn that surplus or dead inventory into cash to help you fund your next project and free up some space while you’re at it. Selling your items is as easy as filling out the selling form. We will take care of the rest!

TIX – Bridging buyers and sellers in the construction industry, turning excess inventory into working capital!