We are TIX, an online marketplace bridging buyers and sellers of components used in the trades. We are the place to sell your unused surplus and the place to find new unused items at a reduced price.

We are a team of tradespeople who are also experts in the online auction arena. We had an idea and we made it a business.

Out with the inventory and in with the cash. Spring Cleaning with TIX.Auction!

Are you busy cleaning out your shop or warehouse? It is the time of year when doors and windows are opened and houses, garages, and shops are cleaned out.  Or maybe it’s your year end coming up soon and it’s time to take inventory. While you’re doing that why don’t you convert your excess non-used inventory into a cash asset and make your accountant happy!

Let’s be honest, this is probably something you’ve wanted to do many times, but once the cleaning and organizing is done you’re stuck asking yourself, where and how do I sell this stuff?

Outside view of cleaned storage roomFinally there is a solution. An online auction for new and unused components from the construction industry. A place where buyers and sellers are happy.  That solution is TIX.Auction!

Sell your items on TIX and turn that inventory into working capital. Clear out that valuable commercial space, and make room for new products for your next project. Purchasers, project coordinators, and warehouse managers use TIX.auction to find parts needed for jobs and projects. TIX is also a great resource for contractors or homeowners managing a renovation and looking to find components at a price they’re willing to pay.

How to Sell Items on TIX:

  • Make list of the new, unused inventory you have taking up space in your warehouse.

  • Enter the details and specifications of the components you want to sell in our sell form.
  • Set the Buy Now price (optional) and the length of the auction and the site coordinator will post your items(s) within 1-2 business days.

  • Sit back and watch the bidding.

  • When the auction is complete the buyer will make arrangements to receive the item, and have the option of engaging TIX to assist with that process.

How to Buy Items on TIX:

  • Simply visit our online auction platform and browse through any of the categories.
  • Once you find what you are looking for, you can Buy Now if the seller has set a Buy Now option.
  • Otherwise, simply bid on the item until the time is up, or set a proxy bid that will automatically bid on your behalf so you don’t miss out on securing the item you want.
  • It is up to the winning bidder to make arrangements for shipping or pick up. TIX can assist with arranging those details for a fee.

TIX offers a solution to the problem of excess inventory, turning new unused items into working capital. So what are you waiting for?

Visit our online auction: Browse Items for Sale