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TIX is an online auction site where sellers have posted their new and unused inventory of components used in the trades. Buyers can browse and pay the amount they want to on items they’re looking for.

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Please note that in order to speak to the seller, or to bid, you will need to register an account on the auction platform. Registration is free and can be done here.

  • Simply visit our online auction platform and browse through any of the categories.
  • Once you find what you are looking for, you can Buy Now if the seller has set a Buy Now option.

  • Otherwise, simply bid on the item until the time is up, or set a proxy bid that will automatically bid on your behalf so you don’t miss out on securing the item you want.

  • It is up to the winning bidder to make arrangements for shipping or pick up. TIX can assist with arranging those details for a fee.


The selling process on is simple and easy, just fill in the info on the sell form and if you have any questions our site coordinator will help you out.

  • Make a list of the new, unused inventory you have taking up space in your warehouse.

  • Enter the details and specifications of the components you want to sell in our sell form.

    • Include at least 2-3 good quality photographs.
  • Set the Buy Now price (optional) and the length of the auction and the site coordinator will post your item(s) within 1-2 business days.
  • Sit back and watch the bidding.

  • When the auction is complete the buyer will make arrangements to receive the item, and have the option of engaging TIX to assist with that process.



Why are there no reserves allowed?2019-02-12T20:31:33+00:00
  • Attracts more bidders
  • Creates global fair market value
  • Gives interested buyers confidence
  • Creates more competition for equipment
  • Results in better returns
  • Delivers certainty of sale
What is the Buy Now option?2019-02-12T20:08:34+00:00

The buy now option is the amount that the seller is willing to sell the item outright. If this is selected by the buyer, the auction will automatically close as the item is now sold.

How did I lose an item to someone else for less than the minimum raise? (limit bidding only)2019-01-10T17:00:14+00:00

This response only applies to listings which allow limit bids (aka proxy bids). Please refer to the example below.

Assume Bidder A holds the current high bid at $90 and has a limit bid of $96 “stored” in the system (not disclosed to other bidders). Also assume that the minimum raise at this level is $10. Therefore, the next acceptable minimum bid shown on the bid form is $100.

If Bidder B subsequently bids $100, he/she will become the high bidder at $100. This occurs because Bidder B has no way of knowing the hidden limit bid of Bidder A (in this case $96) and can only bid based on the minimum amount presented. Thus, a bidder may “lose” an item for less than the minimum raise.

In the example above, Bidder A lost the item by $4 when the minimum raise at the $96 level was $10.

Why does the minimum raise (i.e. bid increment) on the bid form show as $0?2019-01-10T16:59:06+00:00

If an item has NOT been bid on then the opening bid is the first acceptable bid and the minimum raise does not apply. For example (assume a $10 minimum raise), if the starting bid on an item is $100 then the first bidder can open the bidding with a $100 bid. Subsequent bidders must obey the minimum raise rule of $10.

How do I find the items I have bid on?2019-02-27T23:47:39+00:00

To keep track of all bidding activity, please log-in and use the My Account > Bidding feature. This section will display all the items on which you have bid.

I placed a bid that was higher than the minimum acceptable bid, but the system responded with a message saying I did not bid high enough and prompted me to enter a higher bid. Why did this happen?2019-01-10T16:55:13+00:00

Since the system is very dynamic and constantly processing new bids, there is a chance that the current bid and related minimum bid increased while you were entering your bid on the bid form. In other words, the bid form that loaded on your computer when you were bidding became outdated before you submitted your bid. This may happen at the end of the event when the chances are greater that multiple bidders are bidding on the same item at the same time.

Why did the bid increase so much when I placed my bid?2019-01-10T16:54:37+00:00

Please note that the following information applies only to “standard” listing types where limit/proxy bidding is accepted. Since there are several possible scenarios please see the examples given below.

If you are bidding against at least one other bidder.

  1. If your bid exceeds the high bidders limit bid, the new high bid on the item will belong to you and the new high bid is the previous high bidders limit plus the minimum raise at that level.

Prior to placing your bid, the current bid was $10 for bidder A. Assume bidder A has a limit bid of $15 (which you can’t see). You come along and place a limit bid of $18. Now the new high bid is $16 (assume the minimum raise at $15 is $1) and you are the new high bidder.

  1. If your bid does not exceed the high bidders limit bid, the new high bid on the item will belong to that bidder and the system will show the new high bid as your limit bid plus the minimum raise at that level.

Prior to placing your bid, the current bid was $10 for bidder A. Assume bidder A has a limit bid of $15 (which you can’t see). You come along and place a limit bid of $13. Now the new high bid is $14 (assume the minimum raise at $13 is $1) and bidder A remains the high bidder.

  1. If your bid matches the high bidders limit bid, the new high bid on the item will belong to that bidder and the system will show the new high bid as the limit bid you placed.

Prior to placing your bid, the current bid was $10 for bidder A. Assume bidder A has a limit bid of $15 (which you can’t see). You come along and place a limit bid of $15 too. Now the new high bid is $15 (assume the minimum raise at $15 is $1) and bidder A remains the high bidder since he/she bid first.

  1. If you are bidding on a reserve price listing see explanation below.

If you are bidding on a Reserve Price listing and are the only bidder.

If you place a limit bid equal to or greater than the seller’s reserve price, your bid is automatically raised to meet the reserve.

Let’s assume the starting bid amount is $10 and the seller’s reserve is $20. If you place a $30 limit bid, the current bid will automatically go to $20 and “Reserve Met” is posted on the bid form (description page). A reserve price is the lowest price a seller is willing (and obligated) to sell an item for.

What are the minimum raise rules (bidding increments)?2019-01-10T16:52:45+00:00

The minimum raise rules dictate the amount of the next acceptable bid. A link to the bid increments is posted on bid form and in the How to Bid section.

I placed an errant bid by accident. Can I retract, cancel, remove or change a bid?2019-02-12T21:11:31+00:00

When placing a bid, you are entering a legally binding contract to complete the transaction if you are the winning bidder. However, bid errors must be immediately reported to the website administrator before the auction closes. Please see the Contact Us section for additional information.

Why doesn’t the high bid increase when I raise my own bid?2019-01-10T16:50:44+00:00

You can not raise your own bid on a standard listing type (one that accepts limit/proxy bidding). However, you can raise your limit bid if the item you are bidding on accepts limit (proxy) bidding. Your limit bid is kept secret and is only used when a competing bidder raises the current bid.

Why is the limit bid I submitted equal to the high bid, but I am NOT showing as the high bidder?2019-01-10T16:49:24+00:00

This scenario occurs when your limit bid matches the previously entered limit bid of a competing bidder. Since the competing bidder placed his/her limit bid first, that person remains the high bidder on the item with the new, high bid equal to the limit bid amount.

Why did the item not end/close at its originally scheduled time?2019-01-10T16:44:23+00:00

The Extended Bidding feature caused the closing time of the item to extend past the originally scheduled closing time. Please reference the associated Extended Bidding definition provided in the Glossary for complete details.

How do I find an item using the “Item Number” or Lot Number”?2019-01-10T16:43:29+00:00

Enter the associated number in the search box at the top of any page and select the button to the right to perform the search.

Can I locate closed items?2019-02-27T23:50:04+00:00

The system is set-up to locate closed items within the last 60 days. Select the Search option in the menu to access the Advanced Search. Choose the “Closed Only” option for the Status filter in addition to any other search criteria and select the “Search” button.

Alternatively, go to Browse > Closed Recently in the main menu, indicate the number of days to search back and select the “Submit” button. Choose the desired category from the search results.

Is there any way to keep track of items without bidding on them?2019-02-12T22:20:33+00:00

Yes, use the Watch List feature to keep track of items which interest you. The Watch List allows you to return to the web site and quickly view “watched” items without searching for them again.

In order to create your Watch List you must be logged in. Once logged in, search or browse the listings and select the items to add to your WatchList. Click the + “glasses”   icon to add an item and – “glasses”  icon to remove an item. Items currently on your Watch List will have a green tab in the upper, right corner. You may also use the “Add to Watch List” icon on the bid form to add individual items to your Watch List.

How do I locate items of interest?2019-02-27T23:52:26+00:00

There are several ways to locate items:

  • Use the search “omni-bar” at the top of any page to search by keyword and/or category. Typing in the form field will create an auto-suggest item list based on any matches.
  • Use the Search option in the main menu to access the Advanced Search. Set the associated options to filter your search accordingly.
  • Use the Browse menu option to browse items by Category or closing timeframe.
How do I help ensure my account is protected?2019-01-10T16:10:26+00:00

To help protect your account, follow these guidelines and safeguards regarding your password:

Password Selection Tips

  • Use a combination of letters and numbers (e.g. Gators7248)
  • Use 8 or more characters – the longer the better.
  • Don’t use personal information that can easily be guessed (e.g phone number, last name etc.)
  • Don’t use the same password used for other important online accounts.
  • Don’t use your Username (the system won’t let you).
  • Don’t use common words found in a dictionary.
  • Don’t use “password”, “123456”, “777777”, “abcdef” or other easy to guess terms/patterns.

Protect your Password/Account

  • Change your password regularly.
  • Always log off the system when finished.
  • Store written passwords securely (e.g. safe or locked cabinet).
  • Record password reminders instead of the actual password.
  • Don’t store your password on your computer.
  • Don’t share your password with others.
  • Don’t store your password in your desk.
What do I do if I registered but never received an e-mail with my Username?2019-02-27T23:53:05+00:00

Your registration e-mail is sent immediately and should show up within minutes. However, if after 15 minutes or so you do not receive your registration information please perform the following steps.

Go to the Help menu and select the “Forgot Username?” option. Enter your e-mail address and last name and the system will re-send your Username.

If the above procedure does not locate your registration information, the chances are good that you misspelled your e-mail address when you initially registered. In this case, please register again and make sure to check the spelling of your e-mail address.

If you continue to encounter difficulty receiving your Username via e-mail, please contact us at

Should I register again if I want to change my e-mail address?2019-01-10T16:06:00+00:00

No, you only need to register one time. Follow the directions below to update your e-mail address.

  1. Log-in.
  2. Go to My Account > My Profile > Update Account.
  3. Make changes to your e-mail address as required.
  4. Review and Save your changes.


If you’re looking for a speciality item, please contact the TIX site coordinator. We can reach out to our database of sellers and see if we can find it for you.



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