We are TIX, an online marketplace bridging buyers and sellers of components used in the trades. We are the place to sell your unused surplus and the place to find new unused items at a reduced price.

We are a team of tradespeople who are also experts in the online auction arena. We had an idea and we made it a business.

Cost of Commercial Real Estate

The cost of commercial real estate is expensive. This recent article in the Vancouver Sun states, “Canada’s commercial property boom is expected to stretch into this year helped by a tight supply and the lowest unemployment rate in at least four decades…” If you’re a business owner you know this means the cost of storing, financing, and inventorying items also costs more year after year.

To combat this a great way it to get rid of those unused items in your warehouse! TIX is the solution!

With the help of TIX you can free up some of that used space in your facility and recoup some cost of the storage, it’s a win-win. Maximize the space you have so it’s working for you and free up room for new projects and new materials.

The selling process on Tix.auction is simple and easy, just fill in the info on the sell form and if you have any questions our site coordinator will help you out!

  • Make a list of the new, unused inventory you have taking up space in your warehouse.
  • Enter the details and specifications of the components you want to sell on our sell form.
  • Include at least 2-3 good quality photographs.
  • Set the Buy Now price and the length of the auction  and the site coordinator will post your item(s) within 1-2 business days.

TIX – Bridging buyers and sellers in the construction industry, turning excess inventory into working capital!